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Hi guys-

Looking to sell my boyfriends 2002 Spec V. He has had it since 2008, with one owner before. The exterior is in pretty much flawless condition, with the front end just replaced after someone bumped him while parking. (New bumper, quarter panel, headlights, hood, grill.) Interior is in even better condition, never smoked in and always kept spotless. Rockford sound system & sunroof. Car is stock with the exception of an intake. Just under 100K miles (mostly highway back and forth from upstate to NYC.)

The car had the engine replaced a few years back after the original got flooded. Car was running great until a few months back when it started having a jumpy idle, stalling and rough starts. Throwing the TB code, replaced the crankshaft sensor as suggested which didn't help so the entire TB was replaced. It ran for a few weeks before getting all jumpy again. Tried relearn/replacing the other sensor but no luck. He also needs new tires, since the car has been sitting he hasn't bothered replacing them.

We're honestly just looking to get rid of it because we both have Specs and living in the city we really don't even need 1, so we def. don't need 2. He's looking to get $2500 just so he doesn't lose out, since it's most likely a simple fix especially in this community. Will consider reasonable offers, especially if you can move quickly. We're in Ridgewood, on the border of Bushwick so if you want to come check it out let me know. I will try to take some pics to post either tonight or this weekend.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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