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So it's been great having my '03 Spec-V unfortunately I need something a bit more family oriented with the addition of my son who was born November 28th of last year, I have been looking into Altimas and Rogues (seeing as how I am a Nissan Employee) but for the most part a lot of you know it already but for those of you who do not, the CURRENT pics of the car are at the end of the post for those of you who are too lazy to read. Now to the details 143K ish on the clock New OEM Headgasket about a year ago and a complete teardown and cleaning, of the block, upper oil pan, cylinder head, and other components, the engine is a Factory Nissan Reman put in at Nissan under warranty with a copy of the Work order it was put in at 75K been running perfectly strong since, cat has not been on the motor since day 1, the car looks beautiful when detailed properly of course as you see from the pics, it has been street parked in NYC during the 1st year of owning it so it has it's minor dings and few scratches on the trunk, and a few scrapes on the rear bumper but nothing too major especially for a car that's Daily Driven, The front bumper is Riddled with rock chips, and a small crack which you can't see because it's currently covered by a black vinyl. All the splash shields are in place so all in all I've had the car for over 4 years the pics are very recent from the few meets I've been to so that's why it looks so clean but a little elbow grease and it'll shine again just haven't had time with the baby. So other than that I will go on to the Mod List, then the things that need to be addressed.

Mod/New Parts List:
Tien S-Tech Springs
KYB GR-2 Front Struts (put factory shocks back in the rear for a softer ride for my son in the back)
Brembo Front Rotors(OEM STYLE Not drilled or slotted)
OEM Front Pads
Innovate LC-1 (all the wires are routed into the cabin the Lambda Controller is already mounted just never had time to hook up due to baby)
Apex-I SAFC-II (already mounted and wires routed no time to hook up due to baby)
Nismo CAI
ARC Intake Box W/ Custom heat shield
Throttle Body Spacer
Energy Suspension MMIs
2J Racing Hi-Power Plenum
2J Racing Track Edition Lightweight Crank Pulley
2J Racing Extended wheel studs
2J Racing 10mm Spacers in the Front
2J Racing 15mm Spacers in the Rear
2J Racing ALKs
Eibach rear sway bar
Q45/J30 Front Caliper swap
DC Headers 4-2-1
Stainless Magnaflow High-Flow
Megan Cat-Back with Apex-I WS2 Muffler
The entire Engine has New Gaskets from the Teardown during the Headgasket Repair
Poly Sway Bar Bushings,
Sway Bar Links done 2 Years Ago
Tie Rod Ends done 2 Years Ago
1/2 of the Wheel Hop Washer Mod (it just seems to work better that way on my car)
Greddy Carbon Kevlar Diversion Panel Painted red to match the color scheme of the car
Poly Radiator Bushings
8K HIDs in the Headlights
3K HIDs in the Foglights (RH Ballast Needs Replacing)
Benen Tow Hook (Mounted Properly in the Front to the Re-Bar)
Re-Painted the Grill and has New Clips to hold the Grill in place I have spares too which you will get with the car
Carbon Fiber Nismo Lip(Supposedly the last one made in CF)
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood in Near Mint Condition just starting to show a little yellowing
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel (about 35K on it)
Clutchmaster FX100 Clutch (about 35K on it)
Polished Black Aluminum Nismo Shift Knob
New Heater Control Unit
New lower oil pan
New Clutch Pedal
JVC CD/MP3 Radio with an Aux-In (relocated to lower deck)
Timing Advance and Idle Raise done by me with Consult-II
New AC-Delco Battery 2 Years ago
New Alternator 2 Years ago
New OEM Battery Terminal 6 months ago
Subaru WRX Rear roof spoiler
Focal-X Wheels
Battery re-located to trunk
Lamin-Xed Headlights (yellow)
New Brake Booster
New Brake Master Cylinder
New Rear Brake Pads
New E-Brake cables
New Driver Side Rear Hub Bearing
New Upper and Lower Radiator hoses
New Mass Air Flow
Nismo Neck Rests
Nismo Floor Mats
4 New matching tires (Nexen N3000) 6k on them
Plasti-dipped interior panels Black to match the Spec-V interior

There's probably a couple more things but I forgot them
The car has had religious Oil Changes every 1500-2000 miles with OEM Filter and drain plug gasket and BG MOA Oil and Fuel additive (which I stand by after tearing down the engine and seeing how spotless it was) (and as far as the oil change intervals... why not when they're free) THIS CAR DOES NOT BURN A DROP OF ANY OIL, FLUID, OR LUBRICANT and the MTF has been changed religiously every 15k With Nissan OEM Fluid. STILL GETS ABOUT 28 MPGs if driven normally and not beat on and Runs Low 14s in the 1/4mile (I've got it to over 300 miles on 10 gals on numerous occasions) and the A/C WORKS!!!! The car Dynoed 170.4WHP and 197.8WTQ on a Dyno Dynamics unit at Marsh Tuning was dynoed by Jamie and Mark Merliss

Now for the Bad LMFAO:

The Power Steering Pressure Line is very wet and seeping onto the back side of the engine but I haven't noticed any fluid loss for the past 3 years it's been that way I think it's just the banjo bolt and copper washer that needs to be changed, (I know it's not anything else because I cleaned it off with de-greaser and traced it back to the power steering lines)

Might need a new Pass side axle seal it seems to show a little sign of wetness on that side of the trans

Now for the Extras you'll get
not much but obviously a few spare parts or parts I just never had time to put in
RH sideview Mirror
WRP Lightweight Underdriven Power Steering Puley
all sorts of the Nissan OEM misc. clips
the STOCK HOOD I know a lot of people get rid of the stock hood or try to sell it But I kept mine because it's better off that way, it's got a ton of rock chips which is the main reason I went with the Carbon Fiber Hood
Nismo intake extension for the "cold air"
a set of 04-06 Stock wheels need som sanding they're already been JB welded in the rashed spots
OEM clutch and flywheel with about 8k on them
OEM Intake Manifold W/ Fuel rail
Old OEM Mass Air Flow sensor in the event the new owner wants to try and clean it (I just decided to change it)
Spare OEM Clutch Pedal
Original Fog lights need a little TLC
Original Calipers
All the of trunk trims carpets and spare tire etc.. (currently the trunk is gutted and the battery is re-located to it)
2 engine covers both painted and with decals, 1 from an Altima, the other is the factory original
and also a Spare Cone filter the Nismo one which originally came with the intake but needs to be cleaned
Maybe even a few more parts that I can't think of at the moment but that's it for now

Long Post Yes I know... so The car is located in Meriden, CT and can be seen during the day at my job in North Haven, you can call me to see the car at (203)507-1984, would prefer text but just leave a message if I don't answer because I do work during the day, and take care of my 14 month old son at night. Here is what I want $7000 FIRM you can try to talk me down but with my Son on my mind chances are you won't because I know the love this car has received and since it's also my only Daily I can weigh my options really quick and consider I haven't had problems with it so I don't mind keeping the car

Here's My Terms and Conditions:

Call me a Prick after reading this but I would like to make sure the car goes to a person that will care for it as much as I did.

Walk-Around Video:

Now here's the best part... The pics

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