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For those of you who have modded GXE/XE

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Has anyone put any mods on their XE/GXE? If so, what are the mods and how does the engine seem to respond to them. After driving the SE and GXE back to back, I swear with just a couple mods the GXE could be on par with the SE. Of course you guys with SE's might disagree :)
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no I wouldn't dissagree with ya but don't forget what you mod on your car the SE owners can do the same :D


Black 2k SE Performance/package

17x7 Konig-Caffeine's ,Stillen front spoiler,Aluminum dash kit,Remote starter,35% Tint,Aluminum Pedal Kit,APC Super white headlights and fogs and front and rear turn signals,Ventshade-ventvisors,Custom Front Grille,Stromung cat-back,Place Racing CAI


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yea well,

2001 GXE
from a i4.0 to a 1.8?
oh well
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