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Hi people,

Some time ago I posted a few questions regarding the above and got no less than 17 (!) replies in 24 hours....

So anyways, here's what I'm going to get this weekend. For your info, I have a 2000 GXE.


15" Ronals R23. Initially I was thinking of going 16" but to fit that size, I would have to get 45 profile tires.

Given that the roads in my city are terrible, it'd make for an awfully bumpy ride...what I liked about the sentra in the first place was its comfort.

Ronals...because they were going for a deal. I actually saw it advertised locally for C$129 each (with taxes, about C$140) and the salesperson was telling how they were made in Germany, plus they're OEM makers for Audi and a few other well known german automakers.

They have a 37 mm offset, which they assured me would fit.

I can get them on monthly special from ronalusa.com at US$57 (C$100 with shipping) each.

Any comments?


Initially I was all gung ho about the RE730s, which a lot of people recommend, but then I realized that I live with occassional snow, so I'm getting all seasons instead.

Specifically, the Dunlop SP5000s 205/55/15...from what I've researched, they're terrifically quiet and the 55 series makes it ride fairly smooth. Plus, it can handle snow, if need be. The 205/55/15 size is also unique because it comes with something called a max flange shield that supposedly protects the rims.

So that's it! I'd love to hear about any future comments anyone might have before I actually buy the tires...

Thanks for all your help (racemann,rschauby
and SentraStylin)...you guys sure gave me the right info to start with.

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Actually 16" wheels will fit (I'm not sure what offset). That is what SE's w/PP come with (195/55/R16). The combo is slightly bigger than what your GXE came with but would fit and work fine. If you want to go with 16's I would go with a 205/50/R16 set up. If you want to go with 15's I would go with 205/50/R15. The 205/50's actually have the same rolling diameter as the stock set up on the GXE. You shouldn't have to worry about comfort with either of these sizes. The sidewall is still big enough to provide cushion. If you have the money, you can go with the 16's. If you don't go with the 15's.

The 16's will be bigger but will fit fine.


2001 Sentra SE w/PP auto (radium)
1998 SE-R 5spd
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