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Floating Throttle Body...

UPDATE 11/30/04: I am no longer maintaining the list. There will be no new additions. Garland will make a new post for a new list, when all the people who respond in a timely manner on this list have their ported throttle body. I have no time to keep up with the list, I have my Sentra without an engine, and another car that needs to be built. Keep your eyes open, in about 9 months, Garland should have that new list up. If you were skipped on this list, sorry but other people are waiting. I have gained $0 from this list, so feel free to sue me for the profits. :p

Garland said:
I think I'm going to start implementing a 48 hour response period. If no one responds back within 48 hours, they're out.
Please respond in a timely manner. People are waiting, and the list does need to keep moving.

couldn't think of where else to post this shiznizzle so here goes.

The list of names here is for users of my spare (QR25) TB.

see here if you want to know why:

ok the list so far.

Done. Armin (Armout, Armin, Armout,)
waiting for whatever... FLSpecV
selling his car, maybe. GHSER7
done. diwun67
Done. mrcheerio
done. oki_boy
done. BPimpin007
Done. pio! pio!
sorry to hear about the car. dcmaxclub
selling his car. Spec V Tuner
should be getting it soon. sbrian4
done. NISMO82
Tattude, You have been skipped, Please respond to Garland when he PM's you.
x. Cowybuga
x. (moved by request) RobertspecV (Vboard)
x. MiniSkyline
x. '03 NSSSV (the V Board)
x. GregFarz78
x. rhino-x
x. Ash33
8. (moved by request) psy
9. Donzeus2004 (The V Board)
10. nismospecv911 (registered Lurker on B15)
11. Nismospec (The V Board)
12. SxySpecVChic
13. Beardog
14. Esc8p2NeverLand
15. WaLdo98
16. 03blackout
17. jdubbs10
18. Rob.Chang
19. OneFast03Sentra (The V Board)
20. superspec (didn't know I missed you?)
21. OKtodrive
22. dlc_specv
23. Birch (The V Board)
24. reelbigcow
25. CiViCDuSteR
26. Kiemie
27. Silver Specy
28. SpecWho?
29. MisfitSeR

how do you get on the list? post here. You should expect to recieve a PM or E-Mail from MPM with a cost of shipping plus $30 to do the work. After sending off your money and recieving your product, you will ship off your stocker AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. Then, you will let me know that your done, I will deal with who's next on the list.

This list will be updated and maintained by myself. If it starts taking up too much bandwidth, I'll have old posts removed. Please keep this on topic.

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what's TB?

Taco Bell
Tampa Bay
Tank Battalion
Target Benefit
Team Battle
Technical Bulletin
Technology Base
Teddy Bear
Tee Box
Teen Baby
Temporal Bone
Tennis Ball
Tenor Bass


Poopra King
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Noggin said:
TB = Throttle Body

They're getting ported or whatever it is you do to TB's, and instead of having a car not running for several days what happens is you send money to the guy, he sends you a TB already done, and then after you get it, you send him your stock TB.
Yup :)

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97gxeFL said:
Floating TB=Floating Toilet Bomb (aka floating turd)

Don't pay any mind to my corny jokes
corny terd

"hey smokie back here taking a ****, what you been eating some corn or something?"

oh yeah by the way im in on this

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damn. you guys are friggin great at staying on topic.....i guess i shouldnt say much since its in off topic.

joelAZ im down for the TB, throw me on the list. i was gonna jump on thevboard, but hey, you came to me.
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