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fishtailing- tires or mechanical?

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hey guys...
has anyone experienced any rear end wobble at speed in their SEs?
i ask this because, i haven't noticed this behavior prior to today. i suppose the news of the Firehawk GTA recall is only compounding and biasing my opinion at the moment.
let me describe the conditions:
75-80mph on a straight portion of the freeway. the tarmac was grooved concrete and it seemed to be smoothed over (all the LA area people, it was the 10 EB thru West Covina. fast lane)
all of the sudden, the tail wobbled a bit... not a violent wobble, but 'gentle'. if it happened any longer, maybe tailspin inducing.

has anyone experienced something similar?

my tire pressure was checked on friday and lug nuts are secure... only 3 things here... tires, mechanical, paranoia. only which?

opinions, insight greatly appreciated

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That must have been a bit scary at that speed.

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seems like it could have been the road texture.

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You indicated in your message that the grooved concrete road surface was smoothed over. Is it possible that some "residual" grooving still remained, and caused your tires to sidestep?

The only rear-end wobble I've encountered while driving my SE is right after I make a rapid lane change, when the tail end seems to "wobble" slightly before falling back in line--a somewhat disconcerting trait which others on this board have attributed to the thin sidewalls on the underperforming Firestone GTA 02 tires that come stock with our SEs.


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hey dood, ur not the only 1 that had that. i've let me rear end come loose all the time
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it might be the tires....

or maybe your LSD malfuntioning.... thinking your slipping when your really not

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its the lsd working and the tires slipping....
thanks for the input.
well, if it's between tires and LSD... i'd say tires then. my ride's an auto.

dl- residual grooving, can you explain this one? i'm beginning to think it's the tires. another good reason to get new treads.

chinoworld- i didn't let it come loose. this was one of those uncontrolled things.
wut i meant was when i try to pull a drift... its hard to do a real/complete drift on the new sentras b/c of the suspension... i tried to bring the rear end out, but it tends to straighten itself out. it would prob be impossible to do this with good tires.
(thats y i like these cheap tires, hehe...)
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