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So...here's a fun little story about my situation with my Spec V.

When I got back from Afghanistan, I went to trade my Spec in on a 350Z. They said they couldn't take it. Come to find out, at that point, my ex-wife hadn't paid the bill in over a year.

Company never called me, never repo'd it, never sent me a letter, nothing. At this point, it probably hasn't been paid in over 2 years and, as it's my only car, I don't want to call them and have them go "oh...what's your address?"

I recently found out why they never did anything and I'm not afraid they're going to take it.

But...here's what I wonder: Other than calling them, what else could I do? That's all I can think of. Let's see if anyone else has anything else.
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Just keep driving it and act like you have no idea about any payments or title... blame it on your ex wife. she told you that she paid it off!

go renew the registration before it expires

LOL its been 2 years if they wanted it they would have come for it already.

I think that the loan was probably sold between banks who now cannot decide who actually owns the loan therefore nobody can legally repossess the car.
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