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Hey guys

I'm a long time Subaru dood , but all around car man.

Anyways word on the street is that the 2013 SER Spec V Sentra is going to rock the same motor as the current Turbo Nissan Juke (MR16DET).

If that ends up being the case I'm going to be the guy that's gonna try and get tuning support added for it.


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I test drove the Juke and actually liked it. For a 1.6 that turbo made it pull pretty hard. The Juke's turbo'd 1.6 and the Rogue's NA QR25DE make almost the same HP.

Having said that, the newer Spec-V's have upgraded internals and higher redline and that QR25DE motor makes over 200 IIRC.\

At any rate, unless Nissan builds the hell out of that 1.6 turbo platform I can't see how that will be the one they choose for the new Spec-V. Now if Nissan actually builds the 1.6 up to close to 200 hp then that's different.
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