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Hey guys/gals,

The purpose of this thread is to gauge the interest in having a new dyno in the GTA/Durham Region area. This is somewhat preliminary but if the decision is made to go through with the purchase and installation of the dyno, it would happen pretty quickly!

Here is a bit of info on the shop/dyno:

> I am not naming names right now as this is not a sure thing as of yet.

> The shop that is contemplating the purchase and installation of the new dyno is a well established shop that already does full-scale mechanics as well as sales of brand name aftermarket performance goodies. They can also have custom one-off pieces designed and manufactured for your specific build.

> They specialize in rally racing builds but do all other builds and general mechanical work as well. Turbo and N/A.

> The dyno would be a 2000 HP AWD Mustang Dynamometer. This dyno would of course be capable of handling AWD and 2WD.

> The plan is to have atleast 1 "dyno day" a month, plus all other regular dyno services. With or without tuning help.

> Prices have not been determined as of yet but will be competitive for sure. A basic preliminary price that I have heard is $100 for three power pulls. Other prices TBD.

As mentioned above this thread is here to gauge the interest of having an AWD/2WD dyno in the aforementioned area.

I don't normally put myself out there for these types of things but I know the owner personally and he is stand-up guy with great customer service so I told him I would be happy to help him out with some research.

So, don't be shy, speak up and let me know if you think this sounds like something you might be interested in. Would you come out for dyno days?

Let me know!! Thanks!!
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