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My stupid door lock broke again, and instead of paying $360 at the dealer for a new lock, I wanted to get solinoids and shave my handles. I went to autoloc.com, but from reading their descriptions, I'm not sure exactly what I need. From what they say, it seems that the soliniods only unlock the doors because they have a separate 'door popper' accessory to pop open the door. What exactly do I need to get so that I can press a button and my door will pop open? Also, I don't need power locks do I? cause I just have an xe and don't have them. I'm a little confused after looking at their site so I need some help here. ****, I just noticed that I posted in the wrong 'general' forum, can someone move this to the b10-b14 forum, unless you can answer my question that is.

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you will probably need to get an aftermarket motor installed and connect it to your alarm. It will "pop" open whenever you unlock the door. In case of a battery dying, there should be holes on the bottom of the door to manually unlock the car.

To shave your stuff off is gonna be kinda expensive. I can't give you a price range, but expect a heafty bill. Good luck!

SR20DE..Sorry Si guys.
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