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This is the list of people who donated. The people who donated it says RECEIVED next to there name, the ones that didn't and said they were gonna donate money is left blank with there name. I am pretty upset on the amount of people who said they were gonna donate then backed out. The word SENT next to that means I sent you the stickers for the donation. I still have not gone through all the donaters who donated money and sending the stickers out. I plan on doing that this weekend. Sorry for the delay, been a busy man.

And thanks to all the people who helped donate to this site, you deserve alot of thanks, and we will slowly changing your titles to something neat since you donated :).

User Name Alias Amount of Donation

Eugene Wallace III Sentra Styling $20 Pay Pal Received
James Belleza SR20DE 2K $10 Pay Pal Received
Greg Taylor borguesian $20 Pay Pal Received
Vi Chau agent vee $10 Pay Pal Received
Danny Hedges $15 Pay Pal Received
Rob Chauncey $15 Pay Pal Received
Ryan Coe $10 Pay Pal Received
John Choi RadiumJohn $15 Pay Pal Received
Robert Berus $20 Pay Pal Received
Duston Bone IrisIth $5.50 Pay Pal Received
Al Conrad adc100 $15 Mail Received SENT
Bobby King Silver97GXE n/a Mail
Guy Lajoie n/a Mail
Heather Brown or Robinson Heather $20 Mail
Greg Humphrey ProjektA8 $20 Mail Received SENT
John Hoang Nismoboy n/a Mail
John Kienitz $20 Mail Received SENT
Ryan Moore Maximus2k1sntra n/a Mail
Michael Garcia GraniteGXE2k $20 Mail
David Potts nismo00 $25 Mail Received SENT
Rob Berus Y2K SE $20 Mail
Rose Williams whodatgryl $10 Mail
Ryan Schaub rschauby $25 Mail Received SENT
Walter Ly Waldo98 $20 Mail Received SENT
Brian Moberg mospeed1 $10 Mail
Don Kenney TooQuik n/a Mail
James Aleman Jamjammo $20 Mail
Guy Lajoie Guy Geo n/a
Andrew Moore digitool007 $3 Pay Pal Received
lil flip guy wit sentra $20 Mail
Ladd Heller UtahJ $10 SENT
$10 Paypal Received
Zakri Rajab Zackman $20 Mail Received SENT
Larry Okinaka
Lee Combs 2000SE $20 Mail Received SENT
Aaron Booth 99Sent $10 Mail
Michael T. Deloach
Michael J McHale MJ2001SE $25 Mail Received SENT
Todd Swensen $15 Paypal Received SENT

Michael Scott Hoch Hokemon $10
Garik Garik96GXE $20 Mail
Javier Flores Jr. $10 Paypal Received SENT
Alex Su RavenSE $10 Mail Received SENT
Mark Smith iLLt3cK $10 Paypal Received SENT
Eugene Tang Sonic distruptor $15 Mail Received SENT
William Glenn SlvrSentra $23.95 Mail
Anthony Nickolson Fattony200 $12.50 Paypal Received SENT
Maxwell Lamouria $20 Paypal Received SENT
Scott Tooley $10 Paypal Received SENT
George Kuechmann Bushido $10 Mail
Heather Rpbinson $20 Mail Received
Lou Starling $20 Mail
Chrissy P. $20 Mail Received SENT
Igor Iralin $20 Mail Received SENT
J Pimentel $5 Mail Received SENT
Erich Ritter $20 Paypal Received SENT
Pedro Nieto $10 Paypal Received SENT

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Sorry I couldn't donate - I literally was down to my last five dollars (hey, I'm an unemployed high school student, what do you expect), but, if you ever need donations again, expect me to send some cash.

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Oh Crap!!

I forgot clean about the donation. I'll send you a check next week, I just got taken to the cleaners paying an unexpected credit card bill completely off and I'm flat broke this week.

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