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It’s OFFICIAL. The Dallas Nissan Enthusiasts will be having a barbeque on August 28th at Lake Ray Hubbard.

We will be meeting at Tigerbull’s at 4pm.
http://images.geekazoids.net/tigerbulls.jpg <---Tigerbull’s Map
You can’t miss Tigerbull’s, it is next to the torn up parking lot. There is enough space for parking on the other side of TB’s. We will be accepting $5 from each person wishing to attend the BBQ while at Tigerbull’s. We will leave Tiberbull’s at 4:30pm and head to Lake Ray Hubbard. There will be a team of people going to the store on the way out to Lake Ray Hubbard in order to get food supplies.

http://images.geekazoids.net/lakeray.jpg <---Lake Ray Hubbard Map
From 635 you will go i30 east towards Texarkana. Exit Dalrock Rd and go to the right, you cannot miss the bbq/park area.

This event will be a good time to come out and have a pleasant time either looking at cars or talking car stuff with everyone. If you have any items like footballs or frisbees then please feel free to bring them as well.

Any questions please feel free to post either here or at the following thread on NissanForums:

You may also PM or email DNE at [email protected].

Thank you,
DNE Staff
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