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It doesn't look like a decent kit to me. The piping looks bad, and there is one piece that is larger in diameter than the others (it may be the intake pipe for the turbo). The silicone coupler(s) are not even cut into the proper lengths, they are just giving you one long length of silicone and letting you cut it. This isn't a problem, but it shows me that this kit has not been installed or tested.

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lakers said:
It says that the turbo is internally wastegated, but why is there a pic of a wastegate?
Thats probably the vacuum thing that attaches to the outside of the turbo that controls the internal wastegate.

I know people could rag on this turbo, but I'd buy it(if they were legit) and be the gunnie pig. I wouldn;t instal it off the bat, btu I'd post pictures up so all the knowledgeable people could clearly see all of the parts. After I got the input and the go ahead to install I'd throughly tune it. I mean thats all you need for turbo right? Proper tuning is the most important part.

BTW if these guys had a reputablie site or a contact number I'd buy it. Look at thier rating on ebay. Its mostly just buyer ratings, not seller ratings. Makes me kind of iffy about these guys. They did come over to theVboard a couple of weeks back, but they got flamed because they couldn;t come up with dyno sheets to prove the kit. :p

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this looks like some slap together kit..

The pics doesnt show a complete package and the stock fuel system would have a though time supporting over 200 whp with out making it a return system and getting a 1:1 fpr.

Over all the kit from what i see gets a big thumbs down

With enough research and time anyone can fab a turbo kit ... (good or bad)

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I sent them a question via the Ebay "Ask the seller" system.

I sent him this question:


Where did you get this kit? Is it used or new? How much for shipping to West Virginia?

And I got all these replies:

On 16 August:

"DMS is a company that custom designs brand new turbo
kits that my friend, brother, and I started to help
everyday people buy reliable affordable turbo kits. We
use them on our own cars with a whole lot of success
and no problems what so ever. The auction starting bid
is 2500 plus 120 shipping. If you don't want to wait
until the auction ends to buy one Ill sell it to you
for that today. Many thanks."

Again on 16 August:

"Its a brand new kit that my company put together for a
spec v"

Then on 18 August:

"Im in a good mood tonight and I want to sell 3 kits by
tomorrow evening. Please make me an offer-i'm feeling

And then on 22 August:

"Ill ship it for free if you buy it tonight."

So....someone is either very desperate to sell his untested kit. OR someone wants to get some money back on a bad investment.

You make the decision.

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I'd say someone bailed out on a slapped together kit... Looking at the pictures, the intake or the radiator hose insn't connected, it looks like the oil supply line is kinked at the turbo and the exhaust downpipe adapter on the turbo is missing... At least finish it first then take pictures....
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