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Considering becoming a Sentra owner...

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Hello everyone,

I recently became very interested in the 2001 Sentra SE. It's probably one of the best looking cars out there and you really can't beat the price. But before I even head over to the dealership, I figured I should get some info from the people who own one already.

My first question is, obviously, how fast is the SE? Does it feel like it really has 145 hp or does it accelerate slow.

Also, does the Sentra have a lot of aftermarket mods available?

One last thing, are there any kind of defects or problems that this car might come with. I already read one post about a guy whose car started rattling after 3 weeks that he bought it.

Thanks for your opinions and advice...

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Hey Jay,

You're right... Among similarly priced cars, the Sentra is really the best.

I have almost 5000 miles on mine (I'm a lightweight compared to some people here), and I'd have to say that it does feel like
145 HP when you take it over 4000 RPM. It's
a blast to drive, and I don't regret buying it.

I had a couple of rattles as soon as I bought it, but I've gotten used to them I guess, because I don't really hear them much anymore. I still plan on having one of them

The engine is really to blame for the rattles, since it's a bit buzzy below 3000 RPM.

I think you'd be happy with your purchase, but don't forget about the new SE-R!!!

2001 Sentra SE, PP, 5-Speed, Sunroof. No mods yet.

The senior citizen.
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Love my car and wouldn't trade it in for anything. I have not had any problems with my car so far. I have had it since christmas. I read some of the problems that people are having with their sentras, but most seem to be easily cleared up by the dealer.

Love the engine. Not too sure what you mean by it 'feeling' like 145 hp, but it is quick. You will be some great competition for SIs. Acceleration is really good considering.

The aftermarket scene for the B15 isn't that big right now, but I am confident that it will grow. This body model is only 2 years old! You have to give companies time to plan and develop. I have seen an increasing number of B15 GXEs on the road which is good for the exterior department of aftermarkets. Engine mods are relatively easy to convert from the old SE-Rs and the 200sx. Your basic bolt ons are available thanks to placeracing and stromung.

If you are going to get the SE, I would recommend the Performance Package. The suspension is stiffer, and the rims are bigger. I got mine for 14,700 w/o tax (01 SE, Performance package). If you need a good source for prices etc. www.edmunds.com is really good for that.

SR20DE..Sorry Si guys.
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I've had my car since the New Year, and I love it! I now have approx. 2,000 miles on the odometer.

I have had no problems, squeeks, rattles or any other manufacturing defects to speak of. The SR20DE motor is as reliable as anything on the road, and more fun to drive than most.

There is aftermarket available for the car. Off the top of my head, there are intakes, headers, cat-back exhaust, UDP, cam gears, springs, big brake kits, soon to be shocks and body kits. JWT is supposed to be working on a ECU and camshafts aswell. The car really hasn't been out that long, so we need to give the aftermarket some time to tool up. No, the car will never have the following the Civic has, but it doesn't mean that the parts aren't out there.

I'll tell you what. I drove every single car in the Sentra's segment, but couldn't find a better overall package than what the Sentra offered. It has the best combination of power, comfort, sportiness, reliability and price.

2001 SE
P/P, 5 spd.
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- Stromung Stainless Cat-back. (On The Way!!)
- Hotshot CAI (At The Coaters.)
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Gotta Agree. Can't beat the engine for the price. It's LOUD when you rev it up even to 3000 rpm, but that's not a bad thing. My friend has a 98 eclipse GS and he thinks it accelerates about same.
Some econo-craftmanship here and there, but if it bugs you, there are enough aftermarket parts to choose from.
Highly recommend it.

Sentra SE, Jaded, ABS, S airbag, Nismo rocket booster. TypeR sticker, Models in swim suits.
I'll put my cents in, I love my car!

I also recommend getting the '01 SE with Performance Package. I believe it's worth every dime I paid for it. Consider that I paid a lot for my SE back in May (17,500, TT+L included), what I've seen around here makes me want to have waited till now! They are a great bang for your buck, most definitely!

Lots and lots of posts here discuss all aspects of our car. I'd advise you to spend a day(you'll need it!) and peruse all the forums for all the topics that you might be interested in.

I hope this all helped out.

-2000 Sentra SE w/Performance Package, Sunroof, 5 Spd, Avalanche
Future mods:pR CAI, Stromung Cat-Back Exhaust System
-Previous Owner 1995 Sentra GXE, w/mods, Auto, Maroon
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I have a 2000 and I have about 10,000 miles on mine and I must say that I haven't had any problems so far...well rounded car wouldn't trade it in for anything


Black 2k SE Performance/package

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Its a great little car, but does come with its quirks:

Droopy passenger visor, bad burnt oil smell after oil changes, chippy paint, easily pitted windshield (though not as bad as my Maxima), 4th gear hesitation under slight acceleration, passenger seat rump bolster (what else do you call this part of the seat?) came loose. I am sure there are a few other things but cannot remember off the top of my head.

Not exactly what I would expect for a new car, but overall even with these subtle problems its a great little car. I say its great even with the above because i have a 2K Maxima which suffers from:

Chippy paint, very pitted windshield, warped rotors, some interior chirping, Service Engine Light keeps coming on even though with diag tests done no fix can be found. interior even feels a bit more plasticky than my Sentra, however even with these problems I still love my Maxima. Its one helluva long haul car- I drive a lot. Since mid August I have just over 31,000 miles on it, and am about to drive to Boston in 2 weeks (1023 miles one way from my present location). Good thing I love to drive. The Sentra since June has almost 14,000 miles on it.

One thing I think everyone should remember when they are searching for a new car is Messageboards can be misleading. A lot of times people search for this type of forum to inquire about issues they have with their cars. This doesnt include the tens of thousands who have absolutely no problems whatsoever

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Hey, the proof is in the driving of it. Go drive every car in its class then compare prices. I think you will also find, like most every one here (and you will be "ASSIMILATED") that you can not beat this car for the $$$.
You must go with the performance package when you get the SE, it is a super value. I doubt you will ever be bored with this car. This is the most proven engine in its class, that is a real plus when longevity is part of your decision making equation.
In addition, go to Carbuyingtips.com before you go buy, you will be very glad you did.
Here's a review of all the cars in the category. The Sentra SE came in 1st place by a long chalk...

2001 Sentra SE+PP 5 speed Canadian model
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