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clunking sound in rear??

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I have a 2001 GXE, with lux pkg. Over the
last several days, I have been hearding a
slight clunking type sound coming from the
rear area. At first I thought it was coming
from the trunk. I took out the one box I had
in there and it continued. Then I thought it
was the cheap pressboard insert the covers
the opening for the spare tire. That was not
it either.

Any ideas???

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Loose or maybe even a bad shock. See if the rubber grommets on top and end of shock are compressed. Grab the shock body and try to move it forcefully up and down to see if it's loose.

Plain Jane Cappuccino SE
with AutoTrans
Got the same sound in the left corner with mine, no idea what it is though...

Se Red Cajun
K'N filter
Racing pedals
I got similar noises in the back. I noticed the plastic bin "wire?" holder is loose. This is reachable behind the driver side rear wheel well, to the left of the fuel filler door. Another most likely cause is the exhaust system.

mexican heartache-GXE, refuelling convienence pkg. engine warmer, shaggy car mats.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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