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Clear corners and cone filter questions!!

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I am getting my new 2001 SE w/ PP is about a week and had some qestions. I have the 99 SE Limited Edition right now and am trading it in and getting the SE soon. I have a question about the clear corners. Does anyone know how to get the orange plastic piece out from the front?? I know it is easy to change the bulbs..but I want to take the reflectice orange part out too. I also have a question about the filter. THis car is only a lease for a year...so I am going to change the filter to the cone filter I have in my sentra right now...and it is fairly easy to take the top part of the box out and the filter and just replace it with the cone...but when looking at the filter in the 2001....it looks different than the 99...if anyone is familiar with it. If anyone has some ideas..please let me know. Thanks!

2001 SE w/ PP
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why are you trading your SE-L???????? i would keep it... there is way more aftermarket products for the b14....and i personally would have gotten a SE-L if i could have found one.... but i have my b15 and im happy

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