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Hello all,

Haven't been here in awhile, has something changed here? I only see a few threads in the forum below the stickies and no option to get to more pages...it also seems pretty slow?

Anyhow, this was always the place I came to for friendly advice so here I am.

This year my car is taking forever to get to normal engine temp when the outside temps start getting close to freezing or so. Obviously it takes longer as it gets colder, but this is noticeably longer than usual. I've owned this 01 SE since new, so I'm used to how it normally operates.

I haven't timed it yet, but I'd say it probably takes a good 15 minutes or so of non highway driving to get up to normal temp. Also, it starts heating up and the needle gets to right below where it normally winds up...this would usually be the fastest part of the process as it's well on it's way to temp, but it seems to hover there for quite awhile before finally heating all the way up.

I don't think I had ever had the thermostat changed, but I had my mechanic do it for me during my last oil change. Maybe it was a bad one? Any other common causes of this?

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