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I read a few other posts on the topic of blower fans and the resistors. However, everyone who had problems stated that their blower fan worked only on setting 4 while the others didn't function.

My problem is different, since setting 3 still works along with 4. From what I understand is that the relay works for setting 4 while the blower fan resistor regulates the other 3 speeds (depending on output the resistors allow determined by knob).

Any ideas? Or would this just means that part of the resistor is cooked allowing lower voltages through? I would think this would be more of a relay issue, like only switching when enough juice is put out on settings 3 & 4, while not being switched on 1&2.

It's only $16 for a new resistor, but money is tight and it may come down to a new relay or a new resistor module. Any ideas?
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