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Bleeder screw specs

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Anyone knows the specs of the front and back bleeder screws?

I'm looking to get a speed bleed screw... the filters on the sites are not that great.
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I remember having issues with pulling out rounded bleeders all the time when I had first hit the fleet as a mechanic in the military. After like 20 of them one of my Corporals saw me struggling and came over and did that drill bit trick and got it out in like 45 seconds. I just sat there fuckin dumbfounded for like 10 minutes. He told me “just because you’re busting your *** doesn’t mean you’re actually accomplishing anything. Use your fuckin head”. That moment shaped the way I worked on anything since.

watch IPL
Hey lowspeed....on the speedbleeder site these are the exact bleeders I have on my Spec which have been on for nearly 14yrs with zero issues.
Front……SB1010, M10 x 1.0
Rear…….SB7100, M7 x 1.0

Highly recommended but not required.............................

When ordering Speed Bleeder, consider also ordering the Bag and Hose Combo. The bag is like an IV bag. It comes with 30 inches of silicone hose. When one end of the hose is attached to the bag and the other end is attached to the Speed Bleeder, it makes the messy job of bleeding brakes neat and clean. The hose and bag are reusable.

You should also get their 303 Stainless Steel set. The stainless steel bleeder will never rust or corrode.

Hope this helps you.
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