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Best Front wheel?

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What do you guys think would make the best front wheel drive rally car. I was thinking about making a Escort GT into one.
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Are you talking "best" in terms of performance or in terms of performance for the money? If its the second - I agree with you about the Escort. If its the first - then the S4 would be my choice (not like I am buying one soon
). Anyhow, if you want to rally, get some sponsors to pay for the car.
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Dump the Escort, the North American version is crap (the Escort rally car that competed in Europe was a highly modifed Cosworth Model. It shared about 6 parts with the street car [grill, ford emblems, tail-lamps, etc]).

If you are talking bang for the buck FWD, your best choices are:

1) Talon/Eclipse 2.0
2) Celica
3) Golf GTi (Prior Generation)
4) B13 SE-R
5) Mazda GTX (See the SCC site, they have one as a project car)

All of the above have abundant rally parts available.

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I wish I could get sponsers to buy me a car. I have never rallied before exept for in games and in my sentra. Not a real rally though. I wonder how I would do. What about an old 200sx rear wheel drive.
I missread your question, if its a front wheel drive you are asking about then I remove the Audi recomendation.
Do you think any subcompact will do well? I mean a Civic just as well as a Mitsu Colt? A B13 is a good chassis and can be had for not much. The common recomendation I come across is that two door sedans are generally better then hatchbacks because of the chassis rigidity.
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Just a few;
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Nissan Pulsar
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