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Hello folks,

Looks like, my 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8S original battery is up for replacement. It died in 20 minutes when I left the headlights on by accident in the park. Since I do not want to get stuck in the freezing winter, I thought better change the battery.

The original battery does not state any specifications. Google wasn't much help either, so here I am with a few questions.

- What is the specification of this battery? i.e. what are cranking amps? From Autozone website, I figured, its mostly around 640 to 700Amps. There is one more Amp number that I could not figure out. Can someone clarify on this please?

- I checked the batteries at Costco and the similar spec battery, with group size 35, costs $68. Is it a good choice to go with, specifically for warranty purpose?

- As you see in the picture below, the J-hook screws are totally rusted and in pretty bad shape. I would like to use the new ones. Found following options, any preference?

- The videos I checked for battery replacement spray some stuff on these bolts to loosen up, what spray is it, especially around the battery terminals?

- Once you replace the battery, do you need to jump start it or you can start the car as it is?

- Finally, is there any auto parts store online that is amazon for auto parts (minor stuff like this, of course)

Thanks in advance.

Original Battery

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yea, most parts stores will have the hooks and battery that you need. theres usually more than one amperage battery, but if your stock, the recommended amperage is more than enough.

while youre at the parts store, you can get a can of pb blaster (to help remove stuck bolts) and a jar or packets of anti-seize (to put on those bolts except the terminals).

most importantly, always disconnect the ground (" - " terminal) first, then disconnect the positive terminal. when reconnecting, positive then ground. since youll have a new battery, you car should start right up. it might studder or stumble and you might have to restart it once or twice, but give it a few minutes running and should be ok. if you get any ses codes, theyre probably because voltage was low from your dead battery, youre drive-by-wire.

you can also check out the site sponsor, www.rockauto.com for parts, and you can use your fsm, factory service manual, for specs about your vehicle, its free download around here somewhere. try allsentra.com/fsm
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