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we should get something like the Sleep-R for the 2.0 and 1.8< Sleep-r in crome it would replace the GXE or SE on the back... now that would be sweet as hell, anyone know how to make those?

<civic boy> what do you have man?
<real man> I got a 2001 sleep-r
<civic boy> oh cool does honda make that?
<real man> i dont think so
<civic boy> wanna race?
<real man> like to loose?
civic boy> nah, i go find someone else to race :-(**
<real man> I didnt mean to make you cry I'll race you dude, i wont even push the it hard.
<civic boy> Gee thanks!
<civic boy> could you let me win? cause my girl friend is watching?
<real man> how much money you got?
<civic boy> 200$ but is for my type-R stickers!
<real man>hand it over and I'll use it to buy a mod for my stock Sleep-r

**civic gets burned

<civic boy> YOU told me you would let me win!
<real man> sorry I had to kill you, but thanks for the money!
<civic boy>:-(*** I'M GONNA TELL MY DADDY

sorry for the over dramatization.. but you get the idea

2001 GXE
from a i4.0 to a 1.8?
oh well
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Heh, that sounds like a plan man!

Hey, anyone out there, have you all seen GXE's with fogs, spoiler, and debadged before? It totally threw me off for an SE till I had seen no side sills, and I looked inside, and the seats were like tan, not the midnight setup we have. I like my SE badge, cause people know mine's a SE. I wish we could fabricate something like SE-something, you know? Just to signify modifications of some sort. That would be great. I don't want to claim the "R" though, that would be cheese. :p

-2000 Sentra SE w/Performance Package, Sunroof, 5 Spd, Avalanche
Current mods: Gas Cap Holder, Stromung Cat-Back Exhaust System, Place Racing Cold Air Intake
Future mods:Unorthodox Racing Pulleys, Window Tint
-Previous Owner 1995 Sentra GXE, w/mods, Auto, Maroon
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Well, you can option fog lights and the spoiler onto the GXE (even the XE). Perhaps they couldn't afford the SE, or were cheap?

Instead of R, how about X, like Acura's RSX Integra replacement? :)

2000 SE w/ PP auto in Heatwave

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