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New to the forum, not new to Nissan nor new to working on them or vehicles in general.

I've been looking into the possibility of doing some mods to my 2004 Sentra, it's a base model, 1.8L/MT w/240K runs great, very few actual issues, even fewer that I can't personally fix. A bit of cosmetic damage, overall a great little car. Wouldn't mind doing a VQ35DE swap in this thing, but that would be light years away for me. Too many pennies to save at the moment for such a modification, because I would want to go big with northward of 700hp. :ROFLMAO: So let's go towards the real topic of this post instead. (However, I am going to search for some build writeups on here, specifically what has to happen with the Trans to make it work in a B15, Fun reading!)

Something a bit more realistic is the Double Din Dash Conversion. I believe it was a thread that I found on here that discussed the process. I found a dash kit for the radio on Amazon.

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I just started looking into Android Auto headsets that would fit into this Amazon item. I'm very curious if anyone has heard of a trim piece that would help relocating the climate controls. Or if there are any write ups that show that trim piece being modified to look factory when the controls were relocated. So far all I've found is stuff that would kick me in my OCD head everytime that I got into my car and make my right eye twitch! So if there's a trim piece that would allow this to look stock that would be awesome.

If I do a double din android head unit I would want to add a backup camera to the car as well. I'm curious if it's even possible to 3D print a 3rd Brake light lense and if so if anyone has thought about printing one that would allow a backup camera to be mounted in it? I think it would be a great place to have it mounted. I could be wrong, but the thought has me wondering!

Sorry if this post seems like clickbait or something, but the climate control relocation is related to the radio and the radio is related to the camera which is the actual star of this post. My mind just works like this, hopefully this will spur a good discussion and we will all benefit from it.

Thanks, y'all!

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