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I got these the other day and spent some time installing them. I already had a set of pedals but I wasn't very happy with them. They were the clip on style and one of them rattled and they really didn't help heel/toe shifting at all. Plus they tended to be very slippery.

I was one stop of the game ahead since I had already taken the rubber covers off the pedals.

Out with the old..

In with the new. The set includes a dead pedal to replace the non-existant one in our cars. It also include mounting hardware.

These are the tools you will need to install the pedals. Having a good set of drill bits and a fully charged cordless drill makes this install go much faster. Make sure you have a center punch to make a starting point for your drilling. The thread locker is used as extra security for the nuts and bolts.

1. Drill
2. 1/8" + 3/16" drill bits
3. Center punch
4. 11/32" wrench or socket
5. 3/32" allen wrench (included with kit)
6. thread locker
7. screwdriver
8. pencil

This is what the pedals will look like once the rubber covers are removed.

Here is the gas pedal drilled and ready to install the pedal. Make sure you line up the pedal and make sure nothing will get in the way of getting the nut on the back of the pedal. As you can see I offset the top hole to the left to make sure the nut could thread on.

Here is the gas pedal installed.

Here is the whole set installed. The clutch and the brake pedal install just like the gas pedal. For the dead pedal you will need to use self tapping screws. Drill a pilot hole just smaller than the screws and use a screw driver to attach it to the car. If you pull the carpet up slightly you will see there is a piece of metal welded up off the floor. That is where you want to install the dead pedal.

Impressions: These pedals are much better than any clip on pedal could hope to be. They are attached very firmly and won't slip offor loosen like the clip on ones will. The design makes it much easier to heel/toe. The anti-slip raised edges hold your shoes firmly in place on the brake, clutch and dead pedal. At no point do I think my feet will slip off. The smooth edge of the gas pedal is designed to make it much easier to heel/toe and it definatly works. This is a great product, the installation is a bit of a pain but thats only because of how the stock pedals are designed.

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I've had some of the AutoVation pedals on my Maxima for over a year now. Probably 20 track days as well and I can definitely say these pedals help with heel-toe and driving confidence in general. ESPECIALLY when I get in the car with wet feet! no more being kicked in the shin when my foot slips off the clutch pedal at a light!

they are just beginning to show some wear at the bottom right corner of the brake pedal where my foot rests most of the time, but otherwise they look just like new.

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Good write-up david

I've been looking for a set of (non clip-on) pedals!
..to replace the slippery-when-wet stock rubber ones, and these AutoVation pedals look like they're my ticket! I really like the solid mounting.
How much do these cost? And where's a good vendor to get 'em from?
Thanks for posting these.

$94 matte finish
$69 polished <- looks kinda funky, i thought it was clear plastic at first
+$4.50 shipping.
Hmm.. I wonder if these folks would do a Group Buy ?
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