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Attn: Chrissy

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Try again, we found a switch on your account wasn't set, it is now so you should be able to post.


2000 Sentra SE w/Performance Package,5spd,Granite
Strobe lights in headlights, SMC STS, Gas cap holder, BridgeStone RE730 205x55/16s, Timing Advance @18 degrees, Mobil 1 5w30

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Chrissy still can't post. Shes not a happy one.
Chrissy wants to post
Same thing happened to me but now it is fixed, Thanks Russ! Holy cow, This post really worked. Russ (and David and 2000SE), you are awesome!!!


2001 Sentra SE w/PP auto (radium)
1998 SE-R 5spd

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