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Today my buddy, a real car freak, was taking a close look at my paint...and he pointed out that my car's paint already looks dull...like it's 5 years old!

Then he showed me the paint around the right corner mirror and compared it to the hood, and I had to agree with him. It did look like crap! The rest of my car's paint has this fine network of tiny scratches into the clearcoat that make it dull...

I guess my car washing technique was wrong all along...probably the result of using rags to dry my car.

So I took my car down to the car detailing place and they told me to fix the entire car, they'd have to do a hard cut polish. Guess how much that costs...

Maybe I can go talk to the service department?

Anybody have any ideas...
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Be sure to use only 100% cotton towels to dry the car. If they have polyester in them, it will scratch the hell out of your paint.

You could try using a hand glaze. It isn't as aggressive as what the detail shop wants to do, but it might do the trick. 3M imperial hand glaze is the stuff to use. It will remove small scratches, and conditions the paint itself. If that doesn't work, try the detail shop.

I doubt you'll get Nissan to front the bill on this one.

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