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Anyone Rally their Sentra?

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I was wondering if anyone on the boards rally their sentra. I am begining a slow build up of my sentra for rally duties and was wondering if you have any spare parts for sale like custom peices (skid plates, tank guard, ect.)
Also any advice on performance springs that dont lower the car at all.
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You might want to try to hook up with some of the Impreza 2.5RS guys up here in New England. Some of them rally race and they may be of some help.

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I Rally for rec., no Team or nothing, just having fun on dirt road's, wouldn't mind finding part's like that myself.

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I have been to one Rally-Cross and I know Wes has Rallied. I'll tell you one thing. When you get out there you realize really fast how important clearance is and braking/accelerating. Lots of fun though, I highly recommend it.
For anybody interested, you can look up SCCA's website and go to your "region" there you will find events. Call the numbers and sign up.
I know of at least 3 people that rally their sentras in actual competitions:

Jon Tabor - B13 SE-R http://www.taborrallyteam.com

Ted Mendham - B13 SE-R
Don't know if he has a website

Tim Mather - B13 XE(?) http://www.mathermotorsports.com

Plus I've heard of at least one guy that competes in a NX2000.

I imagine they would be glad to help a fellow Sentra rallyist. Good luck!

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i auto-x my b13 at the local scca

i wish i could get into rallying but i'd have to do so much more modding than i could afford to make it competition worthy

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If you are going to be on dirt roads, make sure you have a good air filter because its gonna get dirty as ****.
Well, with my whole right side Trashed, I guess I will be ralleing a whole lot more, at least untill I get a new Sentra, a new Rally Sentra...

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Rallying is expensive. If you want to hook up your car for rallying and be able to maintain it. Your talking brakes and suspension upgrades for sure. Not to mention tires if your serious and you must expect some damage to the body from rocks or hitting something. I saw guys out there in brand spankin new Subaru RSs getting their paint jobs torn UP!
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bubs:
I have been to one Rally-Cross and I know Wes has Rallied.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Bubs, you sure Wes has "rallied" his 200SX? Or am I confusing auto-x and rallying? Auto-x is pavement/cone racing. Rallying is off-road mud/rocks/dirt etc. Is this correct? It was my understanding that Wes auto-xed in his car, not rallied. Just clarifying for myself and others...

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Yeah I have only auto crossed. And while I love rally racing. Can you imagine my 200 in a rally, with all rocks and mud.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bubs:
Rallying is expensive. If you want to hook up your car for rallying and be able to maintain it. Your talking brakes and suspension upgrades for sure<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
You are also leaving out all the chassis reinforcement that is necessary to keep your car intact if you rally more than once a season--reinforcing all the welds on the chassis, adding structural support by welding in metal tubes, a welded in roll-cage...that stuff alone is probably 2G's or more...
SCCA has a section called "Rally-Cross" where they pick a location and set out cones. Usually it's gravel, but some times they choose a big grass field. I always thought a "Rally" was any gathering of cars going around a set course. Like "La Carrera Pan-America Rally" is through Mexico on the highways. This SCCA thing seems to be a hybrid of Rallying and Auto X. Either way braking, tires, and suspension are a must if you want to compete more than once.
Rallying doesn't have to be expensive. Check SCC Rally Beater Project in the the March 2001 issue.

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I have started Rally-X'ing my '93 XE. It's a blast. I am slowly building up my car with plans of full blown rallying.

I am going to go watch the Audi race too the clouds it in New Hampshire and they race up Mount Washington,,,,that's nuts I've driven up that road going slow and they fly up that thing and the roads all dirt and at some points your right on the cliffs edge....


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