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Hey folks,

My virgin post to this board, I'm from the CEG group (www.contour.org). I currently own a 99 SVT Contour and I've been keeping myself informed about the upcoming 2002 SE-R Spec-V model.

I know from SCC and other sources that the existing SR20DE engine can take a lot of abuse (read forced induction) without the need to modify engine internals. While I realize the 2002 SE-R isn't even out yet, I'm curious to know if the QR25DE engine that will power the newer SE-R's has ever been used in other Nissan products and if so, will it be as "bulletproof" as the older SR20DE engine?

I like the look of the 2k2 SE-R Spec-V and the price especially, but I'd want to go FI eventually and don't want the worries of serious engine reliability problemas.

Vortech just released an SC kit for my SVT but it is SO new and I'm REAL hesitant to FI my engine b/c Ford's never been known for over-building engines like many of the Jap manufacturers!

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Craig J. Baldwin
99 SVT Contour - Silver - #49/2760 - ES Front Motor Mount Inserts, Bosche +4's w/Magnecore 8.5mm Competition wires, RActive Racing Pedals, KKM/Pro-M 75mm MAF
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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