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Any Idea????

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Last night I left my car at the dealer. ( to fix the starting problem )
But before that, I had another problem, I am not be abale to drive my car more the 40 miles per hours, the rpm goes to 5 to 6 k, and engine was making a noice and and accelator becomes very hard.
But all of that and no check engine light and also the over/drive light keep flashing.
Any idea about that problem or how service person will diagnose the problem?

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maybe we have another bad auto transmission on our hands. Be sure to let the tech know about that one! Was it an isolated incident, or has it done that before?

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It sounds that possibly there was not enough oil in the auto trans and possibly the torque converter was slipping. Also if the engine was not broken 5 or 6 K didn't do it any good. You need to be careful about telling the tech about 5 or 6 K on the tach. That could be abuse in their eyes. Depending on how far they go on the tranny. It hopefully will be disassembled to look at torque converter. You could be looking at a potential problem in the trans/engine in the future. Keep a good eye on the oil consumption on the engine. Also the fluid condition/shifting quality of the trans. How many miles on this ride do you have dude.??? Maybe consider the extended warranty?

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Thanks guys.
My car is just 5 months old and only 5000 miles on it.
As you know its automatic, I never go beyound 2 to 3 K rpm before, I even never drove more then 60 to 65 mils an hour.
During the past months it has been fine, that was just the first time.
Any way, I called the service center and they told me, they are still working on my car and they spend whole yesterday but couln'd find any problem.
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