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Here's my view on the Altima. It is a very nice car but too bad it came with a truck engine. That motor can't rev like our little motors can and when it does it isn't half as smooth as the SR20. It has decent low end grunt but that is about it. As far as which is faster, my brother has a 2001 auto GXE and he drove my SE and said mine felt a lot more willing to drive fast. I still love the Altima and I wouldn't mind owning one, but I wouldn't claim I had a sportier motor than the SE. And if those guys think having 5 more horsepower and a dozen ft/lbs of torque can make up for the weight difference between our cars, that is there problem. The SR20 is also a lot more tuner friendly. If you think our tuner market is small, try finding parts for an Altima. The Aftermarket won't even waste their time.


2001 Sentra SE w/PP auto (radium)
1998 SE-R 5spd

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