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Got the two light combo...Brake and Battery light...which is a general warning of some fault on the electrical system (usually the Alternator is bad). The alternator is also intermittentenly failing to provide the 14V spec.

I know my battery is on its last legs, but have been leaving it be. Partly since the current battery is at 500 amps on spec of 640 (nissan service manual on the 1.8 pegs the starting amperage at 350). I guess that bit me in the rear end.

Before I replace it with a group 35, anyone run a 24F as a drop in replacement or is that too big?

In addition, if I need to replace the Alternator (current output of 14 volts with all accessories on) what company do folks recommend? Denso rebuilt is the same price as a AC Delco new.

Any good links to removing it without removing the lower access panel/radiator fans?
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