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almost caught 'the plague'

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i was driving northbound on a road under construction. the northbound is usually two lanes, but now being used for both north and south bound traffic. im going 50, following a beige crown victoria. at the end of the construction zone is a southbound left-turn lane. well a silver lincoln towncar in that lane decided to try to make the traffic, steps on it RIGHT in front of the crown vic. the crown vic didnt even have time to slam on the brakes (skid marks were maybe 10 feet before impact). it t-boned the towncar. i stepped on my brakes, but let off because i KNEW id end up smashing into them, so i swerved across two lanes to the left at the last minute (thank god construction ended and northbound opened up into 3 lanes right there). i got out of my car, called 911, walked up to the accident and saw that the towncar went through a block wall.

i went back to the site last nite and i still cant believe i missed it - there was hardly any room to swerve to avoid it. im just lucky i guess - plus my great driving skillz (with a z). :cool:

as far as i could tell, everyone was allright - some bloody noses, some cuts, hyperventilation. the paramedics were paying close attention to an older lady, but i think she was fine.

i was pretty freaked out though, im only 18 and was by myself. and of course, almost slamming into two cars head-on going 50 is a bit scary also.

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Hey our cars are identical!

Thank god you didn't wreck! I think I'll **** a brick if anybody else wrecks their Sentras! I figure if we keep crashing them at this rate, my Sentra will become rare and valuable!

Just kidding! :D

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You too!? Yesterday when my g/f and myself were heading back from her parents, a semi pushed me into the shoulder. Lucky for me he caught it - it was rather windy and I think a gust hit his trailer.

2000 SE w/ PP auto in Heatwave

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yeah it seems like our cars have a bulleye subliminaly painted on them.....but i'm glad to hear ya didn't wreck....


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