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All California area Nissan owners are invited!

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ALTIMAS.NET would like to invite all California area members of B15SENTRA.NET to show their cars at our HOT IMPORT NIGHTS Nissan Display in Long Beach California HIN show on 5/26/2001. Showing in our group gives you benefits like Key Placement and etc.

Sign up at this address: http://www.altimas.net/lbhin.html

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

(very nice site by the way, good job Russ)
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Darn it, I'm working that weekend and there's no way for me to make the 400+ mile drive and back. Sure sounds like a great way to get some of our cars out into the public to be seen.

This opportunity also lets vendors and manufacturers see that there is a thriving, viable aftermarket for sentras just begging to be tapped....

Waiting for PR CAI, got the Stromung, got the Unorthodox, got a big fat empty "0" in my bank...:)
Thats unfortunate. We have banners, booth, nice spot and coverage. Can you possibly want more :)?
thanks for the invite, mike. it's good to see altimas and b15 inviting each other to events. a true way to represent nissan!!

however, i am moving this topic to the regional section :D

Hmm... I don't think my ghetto stock b15 is quite ready to be shown yet...

--Scratched PR CAI w/ ghetto bent out fender hole
--Eibach "Did you drop your car yet?" Prokit Springs
--Badass 16" stock rims (I'm being sarcastic)
--Fuba antenna, sidemarkers, and rear mudflaps (big freakin deal)
--Stillen front spoiler (not installed or painted :D)
--Superwhites all around except rear turn sigs (umm sure that's a mod)
--Upgraded speakers, amp and subs w/ stock H/U (you know you like it)
--Various minor body scratches and scuffs
--Scratched headlight housing (inside)
--Scuffed interior (bottom of door panels)
--Automatic transmission!!! AAhhhHhhhHhH!!!

What do ya guys think? Am I ready to roll to Long Beach??? :D

'00 SE w/ stuff
Seeking SOHC VTEC once again...

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Please don't take me seriously. I have no real intention of reppin my car at HIN. I mean it's not bad looking or anything, but it just isn't show material. :)

'00 SE w/ stuff
Seeking SOHC VTEC once again...
My 93 Sentra is no where close to being "Show" material, but I'll probabaly go to HIN in Long Beach that day. If i see you guys at that spot, I'll drop by and say "Waddup" for all the sentra owners out there who can't go.

93 Aztec Red XE
AIM: WaLd098
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