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Acceleration -- 2K1 Sentra SE 5spd w/PP

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On Monday I will be ordering a 2001 Sentra SE 5spd w/PP, fully loaded (except for In Dash CD Changer). The only SE's near me at this time are autos, but I've got to have the manual.

It will be replacing my '95 Probe GT (127,000 miles), which I've owned since it was brand new. My Probe has been great to me. It's been extremely reliable (shocking huh?), with only normal wear and tear.

I haven't gotten to drive a broken in 2K1 SE and I wasn't about to tear into a new auto SE during a test drive (didn't want to trash someone elses future car). I was curious though how a broken in 5spd SE would compare acceleration wise to my 5spd Probe GT (2.5L V-6 164hp/160LB-FT @~4800RPMs).

I don't expect it to be faster than my Probe GT (not that it's a screamer or anything), but would I be incorrect to assume it could keep up with it?

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Well hey, welcome to the list

I can't really say if these numbers are for a broken in Sentra but check it out:

Was your Probe the 2nd gen?
Don't knock it. Despite what people may think of the Probe GT's, they were quite fast [all generations] for a front driver. With the second one being fast in the corners too.

Sorry everybody, but the last Probe GT/Mazda MX6 in stock form will smoke the stock Sentra in all performance catagories : Accel, cornering & braking.

Don't make me bring out the old mags on that
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Hate to say this but IMHO the Probe will dust you. Curbe weight is about equal (probably) and the Probe makes more power at lower RPM. I have a 94 Corsica with a 3.1 160 HP and- don't laugh- I've made some relatively sporty cars look pretty bad on route 64 going west into W.V.(lots of hills).
I have the SE auto and don't have it broken in yet, it does seem to rock at 4000 rpm. Others on this board will be able to advise you better. I hate Fords!!!!

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My best friend has a 95 probe gt. We raced. I killed him. His only has 75,000 miles on it too. (By the way I have the 5sp. 2.0 DOHC p/p. ..........SMOKED HIM on the start (1st gear) he caught up around third but then around 90mph I advanced past and stopped at about 110

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