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Soob wrench workin' on a friends 94 Sentra.
Car was running fine. Ignition switch froze, could not "unfreeze" using all methods so he replaced entire unit (key cylinder+ignition switch).
No startee.
I came in and:
A. eliminated fuel supply variable; direct ether injection through open throttle into intake man., nada
B. removed shroud, did visual check of his ignition install. looks fine.
C. Removed dist. cap to confirm rotor rotation = timing belt intact
D. Checked for ignition-on 12v @ coil pack: That’s a big 10-4, Good Buddie. However, have not confirmed 12v @ coil while key in "start" position.
E. He has a non-op identical car, confirmed it has fuel-supply issue (using above direct-ether method, roared and died, = confirmed-good ignition path). Swapped out Coil-pack/Distributor(w-integrated ignitor) and plugs/wires/cap/rotor.
Nada Spark.
Repeat: No Spark.


Is there an alarm shut-off circuit? Reset procedure?
Ideas to confirm that new ignition switch is in fact functioning properly?
Are there separate wires from the ignition switch for "ignition-on" vs "ignition-on @ start"? If so, anybody know the color of the "-on @ start" wire so that I can run a jumper, if necessary?
Many Thanks in Advance!!!

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well, for starters, this is a b15 site, youre asking about a b13, so theres not a whole lot of info here for you. you can download the fsm around here somewhere. try these:


the fsm should have all the diag and troubleshooting procedures, its should also tell you the wire colors for most of the parts. im not sure about the alarm on older sentras, but the b15 do come with optional nats security, which prevents engine startup without the proper key. considering that, many aftermarket alarms offer a kill switch, do you know if it has aftermarket alarm?
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