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The short: 350z Brembo calipers are not an easy bolt on.

The Long:

Thought process:

After seeing that the 300zx 4 piston calipers bolt up to the Sentra's knuckle I started looking for other cars that have the same caliper/caliper bracket bolt pattern and found that the: s13,s14, and r32 have the same bolt pattern. If you didn't know; the 350z brembo can be fit on these cars as long as you do a 5 lug swap and either enlarge the holes on the knuckle or run a threaded insert on the caliper to reduce the bolt hole size. The 350z brembo and the sentra brembo use the same brake pad and maybe the mounting location of the caliper on the sentra are closer to the axle such that you can run the 12" rotor from the sentra brembo package. With this in mind, I ordered the caliper to test fit and here is what I found.

Fitting the parts:

The caliper mounting location is not closer to the axle on the sentra. Using both google and auto zone's website I was able to find that the 350z rotor is 12.75in and the spec v brembo rotor is 12". I knew this would be a problem since you would have about 0.375in of over hang (part of the pad not making contact with the rotor) A potential work around to the problem is to file the friction material away in the area that wouldn't touch the rotor; but if you have budget set aside for rotors anyway you should probably just pay around $230 USD at Fatfourcustoms for a pair of re-drilled 12.75" rotors. However, this isn't the only problem you'd run into.

The next problem is that once you get the caliper bolted on. The spokes of the 2004 SE-R Spec V wheels will not clear the brembos. A wheel spacer or a wheel with a higher offset is probably the way to go since once the caliper is bolted in, it sits centered with the rotor.


Why did I waste time trying to fit this if I knew about the hurdles I needed to overcome? What do you need to make this actually work? Why not just buy the Sentra Brembos? Why am I stupid?

Well...I don't know the answer to the last one but lets summarize what we learned about this potential swap by answering the questions.

Every one has questions about what will work and usually people spend a lot of their time thinking and not doing. Thinking is probably the smarter option but doing gets things moving.

From what I have gathered, the way to make this work for as cheap as possible:
1. Buy a 12.75in rotor that is re-drilled to 4x114.3. (Unless you don't care about overhang)
2. Drill out your the caliper mounting hole on your knuckle to fit the 350z caliper bolt or buy inserts to reduce the thread size and pitch of the 350z brembos to the size of the Sentra bolts.
3. Buy a 5mm spacer.

If you can find Sentra brembos do it but I was trying to piece together a cheap bolt on upgrade from another Nissan that wasn't a 300zx and is readily available. Remanufactured 350z brembos are pretty easy to find and are cheap, sentra brembos are not and with the car's population dwindling with age and the fact that the brembo package has been discontinued by Nissan they are only going to get harder to find.

This was meant as a way to try to discover a brake upgrade cheat code so that me and my fellow Sentra owners could all have the brembos we dream about, nay the brembos we deserve. Not just for stopping power, but also street cred and honor.

I'll be going to the track in a couple of weeks. I hope the stock brakes paired with Hawk HPS 5.0 pads will do well.
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