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3 Hour Tour

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I'll be taking a road trip to the big smoke (GTA) next week and then I'll be cooling my heels there for a week or so till I return to the coast (maybe via the US).

Anyway I was wondering if anyone up there knew of any imprssive import places (stores, gatherings etc) that I could check out. I was really just thinking of good stores, cus the selection is a little limited here (catalog sales only type stuff)
Also if someone knows a good route from TO to southern Maine - I usually go through PQ and NB but I'm thinking of going south to check out the craziness that is the states and maybe buy a handgun at a corner store ;-)

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In Ohio you can indeed get a pistol on any corner, but you have to endure a 7 day waiting period. Puts a damper on those crimes of passion. Glad to see a brother in the states.

yer' mom drives Chevy.
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