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Hi guys!

So, after 4 months, I've been to the drag again. See here for my first performance:

And I were with friends and along my local Nissan Performance Club (NPCLUB) crew for our annual mega-meeting.

Appart of the crappy weather we've got (26*C, cloudy and 92% humidity), the day was cool and we enjoy seeing and racing each other.

As for myself, I've been in the 15.5sec all day, but I was'nt that bad, I've beat a MAX 2001 25th (227HP) slightly mod at my first run by 0.004sec!!!

I were on my 2 other Firestone that was'nt burn yet, pressure was at 30psi cold first and grip was seriously an issue on the not enough hot surface.

After that, I've lower the pressure to 25psi hot (around 20psi cold) and pass the wheel to my friend JAYMZ, who is a really good driver and got the best time with my car last time too. Then BOOM! first run of the afternoon and a got a 15.17 @ 93mph!!! And seriously it was better than full bolt-on Spec-V, I was amaze! Here's the slip:

After, times were in the 15.2 as the heat under the hood increased so nothing better after.

So if we can until the rest of the season, we might go again on a great weather condition day and hope to be in the 14 for sure :)

And here's some pics but you can have them all here and in hi-res 3.1MP ;)

Me vs the Max: Big big big winner by 0.004sec!!!

Me vs SBlade

Me waiting inline:

Darkstar and the N2O purge show! Warning, he got a 14.323sec @ 98.30!

Mostly Spec-V in the club and other rides and crews of the club:

And finally our Develish - Careful guys, this is a 275whp girl's ride but driven by his boyfriend now! :eek:

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