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Starting on Monday we leave for the MidOhio Pro Course to take on the best drivers our nation has to offer. Never before has a Sentra competed so far up in a class that is dominated by M3s and Corvettes. We have less tire then them, less HP then them and a far less flexible chassis then they do. And when it comes to competition parts available, we all know there aint much out there for a B15. Now we get to test what our 2JR parts can really do. Currently we own nearly all the track records in the southeast. Now its time to take down MidOhio.

We will not run our 2JR LCAs at Nationals since we cant afford the points tally. We've got BC suspension, 2JR panhard, 2JR bushings, ALK, 2JR bent rear beam, 2JR camber plates, 2JR spec settings. That's it. Add in our 2JR big front and rear brakes with Hawk pads and a mild VQ35 and you basically have our race car. We cannot get below 2750lbs, so our car isnt light by any means. We use ballast to keep the weight at that minimum.

Practice starts on Weds, and the racing goes from Thur to Sunday. We have the full support of Nissan Motorsports with a $1K contingency check waiting for us if we win. We also couldnt do this without your support as well. It's ya'll that keep us going and pushing the car harder and harder. Show your support and hit us up on facebook and here. We love the comments.

Track record was set by an M3
TTB David Spencer BMW M3 1:38.366

My goal.. a 1:35 flyer lap. I want to shatter the record by 3.3 seconds. I know we'll get penalized hard in 2012 when they rewrite the rules, they'll take away our power and add weight. But I want a record that will stand forever. With Nissan Sentra associated with it for all to see.



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