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Hello folks,

Most likely this question is asked before but I can not find out using big brother google so here it goes again. My apologies in advance, for not being able to find the thread, newbie like question (because I am indeed one) and if something sounds obvious in the question but I still don't get it.

So lets go.

I have 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8S Special Edition with Rockford Forsgate speaker system. I would like to replace the head unit. I am considering either of these 4 compared here (backup URL)
Models consideirng (if both links fail)
- Axxera XDMA7200
- Alpine CDE-143BT
- Pioneer DEH-X6500BT

I checked stereo removal videos on YouTube (Video
) and looks like I can do it. Only problem is, none of these cars have Rockford Forsgate Speaker system and 6-CD changer, so I don't know how the wiring looks like at the back. Probably this thread would have given me the idea but its old and the pictures are not available.

So my questions are,
- How the wiring at the back of stereo differs from regular Sentra (Without Rockford Forsgate speaker system and 6-CD changer)? Are there any extra harnesses that I may need?
- If I replace the head unit with either of those mentioned above, Will I still be able to use that 6-CD changer? (Honestly, I don't care if I don't use it but DW wants everything to function as it is in the car at the moment)
- If you were to buy the head unit, which one of the head units I am considering would you go for? (if you have suggestion other than these, I welcome the suggestion. My requirements are, bluetooth for phone calls, mp3 capability, good user interface, rest bells and whistles extra)
- Do I have to pay any special attention while shopping for the head unit because of the speaker system already installed, like the number of audio channels?
- If the panel that covers head unit, AC controls and 6-CD changer can be separated? Crutchfield sells the installation kit containing in-dash receiver kit. If it is not separable then how can I use this part?

DW won't let me touch the car unless I figure these things out in advance. (No fcukups are allowed).

Thanks a million in advance for all help. If anybody has these pictures floating around their hard disk, would love to see them.

(P.S. - I am not too sure why I can not see the other threads under Modification-Audio section. They appear in search but when I reach to that section, I don't see anything but 3 stickies)

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for your new headunit, you will need the wiring harness. there are a couple of harnesses, and variations, so just get the one you need for a rf system, which has a factory amp. to verify, you should see your amp under the rear deck. if you have the 6disc indash cd changer, you will need another harness for that cd changer along with the regular headunit harness. i dont know part#s, so i wont confuse you with them, just do your research or goto an audio tech who can refer you to the rights harnesses.
EDIT: dont forget, you will need to solder your wires together, especially the headunit harness.

i only buy one brand of headunits, which is kenwood, but not to say your selections are bad, but i never worked with an axxera before.

the factory rf setup uses 4 channels, if you get the headunit harness that integrates your factory amp, then you shouldnt need an aftermarket amp to power the sub. as for the in-dash receiver kit, you will need one, its the new trim that will go around the headunit, and match the dash, sort of, pic below. your havc, radio, and changer all have different pieces for their trims, so they are seperable.
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