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Exact same issue on a GXE.

My idle RPM in gear is lowish, right around 585-625. Stop signs on any incline, heat, and having the tank less then 3/4s and the issues pops right up. The only way around it has been increased the electrical load on the system by turning on the hVAC or headlights. Otherwise the vehicle is fine.

Cleaned the MAF sensor
verified no obstruction in the intake/filter
drove 5k
Ran Fuel system cleaner from techron
Ran E0 fuel in the hopes of diluting any impurities

The issue with idle speed on Nissan after reading the FSM, was that they only spec it based off the vehicle being in park or neutral at a target speed of 750-825 with 9 degreees of timing. My vehicle is in target so why mess with the relearn procedures.

I have not had a chance to troubleshoot it based on what I posted but my next steps are to check the fuel system pressures. The other thing you can check as you posted are the CPSs. Nissan had a recall for some Model Years for a bad solder joint that would cause vehicles to shut off like this. Dont see it listed for my VIN, but could but for yours.

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