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In case anybody's interested:


I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with it but I'm guessing the motor is seized. It starts to crank over then stops, but at the same time I could be wrong. I stopped driving the car much anyway, but it has lots of upgrades.

I have a lot of $ wrapped up in the car, I'm willing to sell everything for $1,500 as it sits or I'll sell pieces individually. Not listed in the Craigslist ad, there's a nitrous express wet kit and Apexi SAFC II.

The stereo is one of its best features. It takes up minimal space and stays put since it's the factory (modified) box. If you have a B15 Sentra, it'd be a great addition. It hits like a pair of 12's, I'm not exaggerating.

For any of my old friends from here or vboard, I hope all is well.
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