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2002 SE-R Spec V in Ventura, CA $4000 OBO

2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V

Black with red interior. Original owner. All receipts available for original purchase, dealer maintenance, service records, and routine parts replacement. Also have some photos of repairs / upgrades done.

See my craigslist ad for pics: http://ventura.craigslist.org/cto/3862355295.html

Listen, I've been crazy to take such good care of this car over the years. I could have dumped it long, long ago and gotten into something newer, but noooo…..I had to keep nurturing the Spec-V. There is just something infectious about it. It’s the right combination of size & power with fun attitude on the road. Also it’s a great car for performing maintenance - easy to work on and parts are cheap.

With a strong, recently remanufactured motor, a lightened rotating assembly, and aftermarket header, the power delivery is nicely enhanced over stock. A few suspension modifications have taken some of the bounce out of the chassis and improved its rotating ability. It’s a perfect car for someone who wants an inexpensive and well-maintained sleeper.

171,000 miles on chassis with the following:

• Koni yellow adjustable struts front & rear (28,000+ miles), stock springs
• Superpro rear trailing arm bushings
• Eibach front sway bar
• Original 6-speed manual transmission with helical LSD
• Goodrich stainless steel brake lines
• Newer ceramic brake pads with about 80% left
• Hankook Ventus RS-3 tires with about 20% left

23,000 miles on remanufactured stock QR25DE (rebuild by Travis at Forced Induction Racing) with the following:

• Balance shafts removed, JWT kit installed
• Aluminum crankshaft pulley (Ralco)
• new spark plugs, water pump, serpentine belt
• 4:1 header (SRS)
• Kevlar clutch (Clutchmasters)
• Aluminum flywheel with replaceable steel insert (Fidanza)

Items replaced over history of car when needed:

• L&R control arms
• Front Sway bar links
• power steering pump (remanufactured)
• alternator (new)
• front hubs & wheel bearings
• front axles (remanufactured)
• front brake calipers (remanufactured)
• Front pads (ceramic) & rotors with less than 20,000 miles
• butterfly screws Loc-tited
• front & left motor mount, transmission mount
• Newer radiator with top & bottom hoses
• Battery
• Crankshaft position sensor


• Header with pre-cat (less than 50 miles of use)
• 1st generation 6-speed manual transmission (60,000 est. miles)
• Four 15" steel rims mounted with snow-tires
• OEM front sway bar
• Full size spare tire on 17" matching Spec V rim


Car is running well and has been consistently well-maintained over its 11 year life. Has mostly been a commuter car with 70% of mileage on highway. First year production model Spec-V had its short block replaced at 17,000 miles due to oil consumption. At 148,000 miles the motor is running poorly, consuming too much oil, and is removed from chassis. Pre-cat inspection reveals catalyst material breakdown. Remanufactured motor purchased from Forced Induction Racing and installed; current motor has 23,000 miles and is running well.

Interior is in good shape - back seat almost never used. There is an issue with the stereo head unit; CD player does not work (and one of my Jimi Hendrix CDs is stuck inside). But it also has an 1/8th inch stereo input and radio that still function. Speakers and subwoofer still sound great. The A/C was recharged last summer.

The car comes with a spare QR25DE header with pre-cat. I purchased this brand new to be used only when passing emissions tests (for on-road use only ). Also comes with a spare 1st generation 6-speed manual transmission (60,000 miles) purchased from a C&T International, a reputable importer of Japanese powertrains.

I have all the history, receipts, and documentation on this car.


Clear coat has burned off of black paint on spoiler, trunk, roof. Rattling lower catalytic converter still functional for emissions, but in my opinion should be replaced due to its offensive sound (I have one on order and will replace shortly). Hankook Ventus R-S3's on stock rims will need to be replaced. Kevlar clutch is a bit noisy when cold, especially when engaging at lower RPMs. Power steering pump is noisy (but does not leak). Fitment of Eibach front sway bar has never been perfect in my opinion - but I will throw in the old sway bar as well in case you want to swap it out. Occasional suspension noise on driver's front may mean a CV axle will need to be replaced soon - maybe not.

Interior: Window tint peeling on driver rear glass. Sunroof makes clicking noise when opened and closed. Its an 11-year old interior but has mainly been used only by the driver.


Solid car with very clean interior. Just had it detailed today (June 10th). Motor is strong and new. Good power to weight ratio and averaging about 24 mpg. Snow tires are still fairly decent if you plan to take it into the mountains. I have all the receipts and documentation from day one of this car's life. Thanks for looking.
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