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2001 SE wheels & tires question

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So I've got 3 day old car with the 16 inch PP rims, with the Firehawk GA tires that I'm not too pleased with. A couple of freezy-rainy days & I'm already thinking 'new tires'. 195/55/16? Will 205/50/16s fit the stock alloy rims? Do I have to buy new wheels? If so, what are some good rims that aren't a target to get ripped off right away?

I did some searches and looked around, but I'm just getting more confused. Can anyone help?
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I can't recommend any wheels or tires, but I suggest strongly in getting a set of locking lug nuts. It's only a ~$20 investment.

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HI! I leave in Montreal, Canada and we do have a lot of snow.

For your own security, get rid of the Firestone for the winter time, or you'll hurt yourself.

Nothing beats 4 real winter tires. I have a SE 2001 with the PP and 16 inches wheels.

You need to get 15 inches steel rims. The only ones that fits to your car are the ones of the Altima!!!

Get 4 and buy and mount your tires on these wheels and you'LL save money.

The correct size in 15 inches can be 185/65/15, in Blizzak or Toyo Observe or the Yoko Guardex 800. They are good tires for both snow road icy conditions.

You won't find any winter tires in the 195/55/16 (anyway, what a strange size....)

Drive safely!

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To answer you question about the 205/50 16's, yes, they will fit. There are many tires available in that size. The budget route for winter tires would be to use 15" steel wheels. I think tirerack could get you a set up for less than $500 bucks.

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My current leaning is 205/45/16 Pirelli 7000 SS tires, which tirerack.com has at $101 apiece. Sorry to belabor the point, but these will work with the 2001 Sentra SE PP rims?

I ask because I don't really have a place to store a set of tires, so I need to get it right when I buy it the first time. Thanks in advance for the help.
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