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SIGN UP now, link below has more info.

Track registration:
I am going to accept track registrations up to and through the end of the
day on Saturday April 28th. Whatever track registrations Ray has at the
end of the day that Saturday will be mailed out *FIRST THING* Monday
morning. No track registrations will be accepted after that. After that
date, you will have to register through SpeedTrial USA. If Ray receives
any checks after Saturday April 28, he will request a new check from you
for the new amount (less the track fee) and you will have to send the
track fee directly to SpeedTrial.

For those of you thinking about it (and I know there are a *LOT* of you
because you've all e-mailed me privately probably 8 times each), I don't
mean to put any pressure on you, but this is only fair to SpeedTrial
USA. They allowed me to take all 60 spots for the day for my
(SERCA's) use and since it does not appear that we will use all of them, I
have to allow them enough time to try to fill those spots
themselves. It's only fair; proper respect. But guys... *PLEASE* give
me a pleasant surprise when I talk to Ray on the 28th and he tells me that
we're all booked with all 60 spots taken... or at least a good chunk of

Again, registration materials can be found here:

Now, onto those people that I *KNOW* want to come but just need a good
kick in the rear to get up and fill out the forms... you'll be getting a
private e-mail from me

2001 Maxima SE 5spd, Black on Black, Loaded!
Sold 2000 Sentra SE w/Performance Package,5spd,Granite
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