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Obviously I’m new to the forum but I’ve been reading it for a little a while now. I bought a 2000 Nissan sentra gxe 4 and a half years ago, ran great when I first got it but then it sat for 3 an a half years. The six months I’ve had it on the road it has been nothing but nightmares and everything I have searched about Nissans has led me here everytime. Anyways... From the MAF sensor, mid pipe went, oil gasket and rear started leaking, one engine coil 2 months ago and the second last week. 2 days after replacing the coil I’m now getting the dreaded P0420 code and nothing I read about it online is good. The shop cleared it and told me fill up with some high octane and pray that I could burn off the smog from the misfire but after 20 miles the code is back. Anyone have any advice of experience dealing with P0420 after a misfire? Am I able to attempt to burn it off or am I just up the creek without a paddle? I'm going to post this in the tech section as well with hope it will get more views... As much as I love the car it’s starting to kill me and I’m starting to think it might be about time to give up on my sentra, seems like I’m just working to keep it on the road. I'd be grateful for any advice I could get and thank you in advance.
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