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1.8 engine vs. 2.0 and other questions

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Hi, I'm thinking about buying a 2001 Sentra and can't decide between the 1.8 liter and the 2.0 engine. I figured this would be a good place to ask for opinions about this, so please share.

I'd also be interested in hearing any other comments about the car. I suppose most of them will probably be positive judging by what I've read so far, but please feel free to share any negative comments too. I realize that no car is perfect, so I can accept a few imperfections... it's just nice to know about them ahead of time.
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welcome to the boards first off....

I'd have to say go for the 2.0L


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go with the 2.0. i wish i went with the 2.0 liter for my 98. but actually...i heard they didn't have 2.0's in California in 98...although i've seen them around. but yea...get the 2.0. there was a time when i wished i got a 2.0 so much i wanted to swap one in. but then there are money issues that go with that.

Having the 2.0L engine in my car, I'd have to say go for that. However, it might not be the best choice for you. The SR20DE motor, is old, but very reliable and upgradable. THe new 1.8L engine is far more advanced, but with no aftermarket following. The 1.8L makes impressive low end torque, which makes it feel stronger in day to day driving. It's only in the upper revs that the SR20DE starts to shine.

THe 1.8L will offer better gas mileage, but the difference is negligable. I'd say the little motor gets about 3-ish miles per gallon more than the 2.0L.

As far as the car itself goes, it's a winner. I've had my car for about 2 months now. THe only problem I had was with the stereo...it had an internal problem and was replaced under warranty. Other than that, it has been smooth sailing with not one quality or reliability problem.

Performance wise, it is hard to fault the car. It is a very fun car to drive, and handles great. The 2.0L motor is a blast, and will only get better with upgrades.

The only downsides to the car might be the lack of available mudflaps on the SE with P/P (don't get me started on this issue,) and the paint seems like it could be a bit better. We are all having problems with rock chips.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchace. I drove just about everything prior to buying the Sentra. I feel as though I made the right choice.

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The 2.0 is outdated. Aren't they supposed to be shelved for good next year?

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Outdated, maybe. But still a better overall performer. That's why I got it.
Just my opinion though.


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