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04 sentra spec v

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I have 04 sentra ser spec v and I'm looking for a place in md or around pittsburgh to get a tune. I have a full length 4 to 2 header with a full length intake with a ported throttle body. So now my car won't hardly start and when it does it runs real hard for about a min then smooths out but keeps surging from 800-1800rpm and when driving up a hill on the highway I can feel slight differences in power......I feel this all bc the ECU is messed up do to the mass air flow sensor reading much higher from the increased air and the o2 sensors and not having catalytic converters......so idk where to get the ECU tuned at?
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sounds like you need to reset your ecu, not tune it. its possible you may need some type of afr controller, but you should have one already. make sure your battery terminals are tight, and has good ground contact. is your ses light on? what codes do you have? does it let you drive over 3000 rpm? there should be a reason your experiencing problems starting, so you should pull those codes.

to fix your idle, do the 3 relearns in order. you can do each one multiple times if you are unsure you did it correctly. the exact procedure and prerequisites are in the fsm. you should do these:
1.accel pedal released relearn
2.throttle plate closed relearn
3.idle air volume relearn

here's a reference:
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