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What can I expect keeping stock rims but changing to something like a sp8000s and doing the springs?

What is the order I should follow? I want a very good streetable handling car.


my last car was a gti vr6 with spax 24 ways, carrera coilovers and rear sway. it handled perfectly

Better tires would be an excellent first step. People have had good results with the Bridgestone Re730's and Kumho 712's. The Dunlop SP8K is a somewhat dated design...there might be something better for the money.

Without aftermarket struts, the springs may or may not be a good idea. se-r.net avises against doing springs without complimenting aftermarket struts. The stock units don't have the rebound dampening to control the stiffer spring. There is the coilover option. BG has a true coilover kit for the B15. It is around 1300 bucks, but very, very good.

N-tech is coming out wiht a lower control arm brace (thanks to david) that will help stiffen the front end. Other than that, the car is pretty competent as it sits, IMO.
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