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  1. maybe ecu? 02 spec v

    Technical Discussion
    been having some trouble with my b15 recently did the throttle body/ starter/ battery/ crank and camshaft sensor/ maf/ but while driving when i go into neutral or in low gears it stalls on me while on the road. doesn't stall in 4th gear and above or going over 45 mph. when i scan it with an obd2...
  2. Replacing Stock Stereo in 2009 Spec V

    General Discussion
    Anyone have any experience or information on swapping the stock stereo for a aftermarket double din? I'm having trouble finding information on how to switch it. I have gauges, a dim, and ac control that all connect to the stereo, so I'm very confused on how to replace the stereo while retaining...
  3. Problems with check engine light and leaking gas?

    Technical Discussion
    Hello I have an 03 spec v ser Sentra and the check engine light is on. I have a code reader and it is throwing codes the revolve around the evap system. Does anyone know how to replace the evap system?